Youth Center Kosmos

Ključ , Bosnia and Herzegovina


Youth Center Kosmos is a youth NGO that is working in this field for more than 10 years, since 2004th. The work of the non-governmental organization Youth Centre Kosmos is focused on supporting local youth work in the Una-Sana-Canton. We offer qualification to social disabled groups and young people. We also organize and run international and national youth exchanges as well as free youth initiatives. We have implemented a lot of projects within the Youth in Action programme, we have hosted 7 EVS volunteers, and also implemented a lot of projects for young people and children in the local community. We have developed the “Strategy for development of youth policy, Ključ 2012-2017”. We are also the founders of the local Youth Council of Kljuc and members of Una-sana Youth council. Also we are experienced in managing Youth policy. One of the main activities that we are working on since 2004. is active participation of youth in local communities.

Participants in “In Retrospect”

Jasmina Banjaluckic

Jasmina Banjaluckic has finished the Faculty of Political Science, Department of Sociology and she is active in research within development of Youth Strategies. At the moment Jasmina is developing her own project regarding the topic of Remembrance during and after the Yugoslav Wars which is what gave her higher motivation to take part in the In Retrospect project. Here, she will be responsible for coordinating the team work and communicating with the leader organization and partners.

Ana Jovanovic

Ana was born in Belgrade and moved to Sarajevo at the age of twelve. Ana has been active in regional workshops for cooperation, peace building and reconciliation in the Balkans for about two years. She studies French language and literature at the University of Sarajevo and she spent two semesters as an exchange student at the University of Warsaw. Her main interests are peace building and minority rights. She was an intern at Minority Rights Group International where she wrote reports on the situation of minority groups in BiH and translates news articles. She volunteered and participated in a few student organizations and NGO's, working on a couple of projects out of which her favorites are John Lewis Fellowship, Challenge History by Swiss Helsinki Parliament, Encouraging Democratic Values and Active Citizenship among Youth by HIA BiH and this one!

Anela Crnolic

Anela is activist in Youth Centre Kosmos since 2012. The various projects she has undertaken in national and international level focused on youth activism and highlighted the importance of shared experience and knowledge which can further give insight on what we can do to create a brighter future in our communities. Anela has a Master degree in Agriculture and she is really passionate in the field. She is creative, responsible, motivated, adaptable for teamwork, communicative, hardworker and good learner. Anela is very interested in the topic of Remembrance as she can share personal stories, while she is also interested to research the media influence on the public opinion.

Amir Hajdarovic

Amir Hajdarović is a student of the Faculty of Traffic and Communication at the University of Sarajevo. Amir is volunteer at Youth Centre Kosmos since 2013. Also, he is one of the coordinators of the Festival of Youth Activism (FOA) that promotes positive stories about youth and their work/activism. Amir enjoys meeting and working with a lot of different people coming from different background. From this project he expects to increase knowledge and widen perspective about the Yugoslav Wars.