Jugend & Kulturprojekt e.V. (JKPeV)

Dresden , Germany


Jugend & Kulturprojekt e.V. (JKPeV) was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing opportunities for young people and adults to develop and use their soft and professional skills and stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurial skills through non-formal learning methods. Located in Dresden, Germany, JKPeV is dedicated to promoting the EU citizenship and active participation of its citizens. We organise international Projects, Events and Trainings for young people and adults on site and abroad with a focus on assisting the cultural enrichment of the city of Dresden and the State of Saxony while also promoting the cultural diversity of the European Union. Inviting foreign educators and including foreign participants to our on-site projects kindles an intercultural dialogue in the heart of an already highly acclaimed artistic hub -Dresden- while on the other hand, including local citizens in our abroad events brings back to the city a fresh outlook to familiar problems and a sense of belonging to a greater group –the European. Addressing our aim, we focus on breeding international, cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary cooperation in Dresden and the EU by offering a number of Training sessions and Seminars in Youth Work, Entrepreneurship and Digital Media annually with international participants and educators. Our Public Events offer the possibility for all citizens of the city wherein they take place to experience first-hand the intellectual and artistic approaches of individuals from other countries, facilitating thus the international dialogue on common issues. Aside from Training sessions and Seminars, JKPeV also offers the opportunity to young adults to immerse themselves in this cultural and educational dialogue further by offering Internship and Volunteering possibilities in our organisation. Working at the hub of such cultural activity allows participants –be they local or foreign- to better understand the possibilities, opportunities and cultural diversity present within the European Union.

Participants in “In Retrospect”

Stefan Kiehne

Stefan Kiehne is the founder and chairman of Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. and has been a project and event manager since 2000. He has a long experience in organizing, implementing and monitoring international projects based on art, culture and non-formal education. He has studied Political Science at the University TU Dresden (Technical University of Dresden) and has worked as an event manager in the field of cultural and art festivals since 1997. He organizes and implements international training courses, youth exchanges, conferences, seminars and cultural and cultural and art events: exhibitions, concerts, screenings and performances as well as music and performing arts festivals. He is in charge of the financial management of the association's projects, applying for state, municipal and regional funds, event promotion and management. Additionally he is responsible for building and developing the local network of the association by participating in local meetings, conferences and seminars organized by the city of Dresden and the State of Saxony. Stefan will be responsible for the financial and logistics management of the project “In Retrospect” organising the local events in Dresden and contacting local organisations and institutions that would like to cooperate with JKPeV in this project.

Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi

Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi is the project manager of Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. She has an MSc degree in International and European Politics (University of Edinburgh) and a BA in International Relations in the Mediterranean Region (The University of the Aegean). Since 2010 she has been writing proposals for EU Funding Programmes and is responsible for designing and implementing together with the team of JKPeV international projects based on culture, art and non-formal education. She facilitates and coordinates international seminars, training courses, study-visits and youth exchanges on different topics: remembrance and history, creative & social economy, project management, youth work, urban development, culture & the arts, human rights. She is in charge of organizing and coordinating cultural events in which the local community of Dresden is actively involved and also of building and developing the international network of the association through participating in networking meetings, contact making events, conferences and research and coordinating the team of volunteers and members of JKPeV. Myrto will be responsible for coordinating the team of volunteers in their research work and the analysis of the interviews with regard to the “In Retrospect” project.

Olga Yocheva

Olga Yocheva has studied art pedagogy at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria and has been working in Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. since 2012. She is a visual artist and in the association and works as a graphic and web designer, film maker and mentor of the volunteers and interns in the office. She has participated in more than 15 exhibitions of conceptual art as an artist and performer in Bulgaria, Germany, Romania and Greece focusing on the following topics: identity, social exclusion, understanding and otherness. She has given workshops on graphic design, painting, illustrating and film making to young people with fewer opportunities in Germany, Bulgaria and Romania based on non-formal learning methods and experiential learning. She has co-organized art festivals and visual arts exhibitions and has a long experience in coordinating cultural and art events. Olga is in charge of all the video documentations of JKPeV's projects and their visual identity. Olga will be responsible for supporting, supervising and coordinating the team of volunteers: Lucie Polackova and Joao Miranda in the video interviews.


Lucie Polackova

Lucie is an EVS volunteer of Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. and has studies Project Management. She will be responsible for doing research on the historical archives about the Yugoslav wars, arranging interviews with local people and analysing the results of the interviews.

Joao Miranda

Joao is an EVS volunteers of Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. and is in charge of graphic and web design, film making and motion graphics. He studied graphic design and he will support Lucie in the research of the archives and by filming the interviews.

In 2017 more people will be added in the team working on the project “In Retrospect”.