IVIZ Institute



IVIZ Institute was founded in 2015 - it is a young, private, non-profit, research and training organization, established to strengthen education, especially the link between theoretical research and practice in educational institutions.

IVIZ focuses on quality education and its stakeholders; collaborating with pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, VET Institutions, local and regional authorities, universities, teacher training institutions, research institute and the most important teachers, children, and parents.

Goals, Visions & Activities

  • to recognize challenges in modern education

  • to recognize relevant topics and try to address them through different European projects

  • to connect the stakeholders in education
    - from macro to micro level

  • to research different issues, connected with

  • interdisciplinarity – in the means of connecting professionals with pedagogues, to give the best results for children and youth

  • publishing house IVIZ – in the frame of which we publish quality literature for teachers and parents and didactic materials for children
  • Current Work

    IVIZ is currently working on different educational and developmental issues:

  • 4 EU PROJECTS (Erasmus+ and Europe for citizens)

  • GIB2: a programme for pre-school children, aiming to strengthen sport skills and health of Slovenian children

  • ANGLIA NETWORK EUROPE: Initiative to build a teachers network, connecting English teachers and offering ANGLIA international certificates

  • summer schools for children and young 6 - 18 years.

  • English courses for adults (incl. Business English)

  • preparing a teacher’s training programme for educating them in intercultural education and work with immigrant children

  • cooperating in National research evaluation: 'How to improve intercultural teachers' skills?'

  • strong cooperation with local stakeholders and educational institutes in Slovenia and abroad

  • Participants in “In Retrospect”


    IVIZ team consists of various profiles:

    Ivana Čančar

    I am a teacher, researcher and doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana. I have been working on many fields and levels of education - working with children with less opportunities in NGOS, as a primary school teacher, as a researcher, projects’ evaluator, and project manager.

    Adela Trunkl

    I am now a full time member of the IVIZ Institute, working as a project manager of two Erasmus+ projects and one Europe for Citizens project, the In Retospect. Given my innate curiosity and interest in various aspects of life, I have been working in many different fields, one more picturesque then the other. I managed my own business for eight years, as well as a private, non-profit research institute in the field of social science for five years. Prior to that, I was working in the Slovenian public sector. I am a graduate of political science and an experienced Bach Foundation Register Practitioner. I love the diversity that the European project offer and I absolutely adore my colleagues and the working atmosphere at the IVIZ Institute. Yet my real, deep, heart-felt passion is and will always be writing. That is where I go to find my peace and myself.

    Ana Mijanović

    I am a part time primary school English teacher and a part time co-worker at IVIZ institute. Most of my work consists of organizing different English courses and English summer schools under the wings of Anglia Network Slovenia organization. Recently, I became involved in Erasmus+ projects as a researcher, manager and soon-to-be youth guidance consultant.