Inter Alia

Athens, Greece


Through the establishment of INTER ALIA we plan:
  • To bring people closer to each other and to Europe through breaking stereotypes, analysing and deconstructing conflict, engaging actively in key political issues and dialogue
  • To raise awareness of the EU & prospective EU citizens on available channels for acting, participating & shaping Europe
  • To utilize the increasing willingness of the European youth to share their skills, expertise and energy, and to improve youth employability
  • To apply pressure to EU mechanisms for the expansion of participation of EU & prospective EU citizens in the European process
  • To provide multi-disciplinary approaches and integrate fragmented knowledge into a fruitful scheme
  • Vision

    We strongly believe in the idea of a European Union. However, after decades of a painful and abrupt process of European integration, we have come to ask ourselves, “what kind of Europe” we should wish for? In our universe of beliefs and perceptions, we cherish the European Union as a starting point for a number of important accomplishments, both in the continent and globally, related to the promotion of peace, the mobility of people and values, the exchange of culture and knowledge. At the same time, we feel growing concern for the high bureaucratization, narrow legitimacy and public apathy that define European affairs, setting off from peoples’ ignorance as well as a system of increased complexity that disenchants citizens and disinclines their participation.

    We believe this is not the only way. And we believe that the way for breaching with the existing, self-maintaining realities of EU policy making is the active involvement and participation of the driving force, the object and subject of the European Union; and that is its people. For, we believe that “No kind of Europe” can be created without their inclusion. We envisage a sexier Europe for its constituencies, an inclusive Europe, a transparent Europe, a peaceful Europe, a growing Europe, Europe of people with a common sense of belonging.