European Peer Training Organisation

Brussels, Belgium


A unique 20-year expertise in combining peer training, experiential learning and diversity education. In EPTO, individual knowledge becomes collective knowledge. European young people from 16 to 35 years-old are our targets: mostly youth leaders, social workers, trainers, educators, activists, etc.


  • EPTO promotes and develops PEER TRAINING for YOUNG PEOPLE in Europe
  • EPTO develops and sustain partnerships with key stakeholders in the fields of youth, diversity and education
  • EPTO provides a space where young people can be learners and educators, sharing with their peers their competencies in a spirit of collaboratio

  • Participants in “In Retrospect”

    Kevin Haddad

    With an academic background in political science and intercultural management, Kévin loves designing and implementing educational projects in the fields of peer training, diversity education, anti-discrimination, intercultural learning and social action. A peer trainer since 2007, Kévin became EPTO's educational coordinator in 2015 to supervise the implementation of pedagogical projects and activities in accordance with the purpose and strategic goals of the organization.

    Julia Galaski

    Julia studied politics and is currently in charge of coordinating a Brussels-based EPTO project bringing together young people from all horizons to set up their own creative citizen projects across the city. She also works as an independent consultant for the cultural and social sectors, after having been active in different fields spanning from Euro-Mediterranean politics to the European film industry.

    Lorena Espino

    Graduated in international affairs and sociology, experienced in the development of projects in the area of civic action, Lorena is interested in video documentary and skilled in producing, filming and editing audiovisual material. Besides collaborating with EPTO and Interalia for the project In Retrospect, she is currently working in an independent documentary focusing on the social representations of violence on music in México.